Tuesday, September 8, 2009

People Are Talking About One of My Posts!

I came across a discussion going on at the forum for Yosemite Area Online about President Obama and right-wing opposition (in particular the "tea party" movement). One of the forum participants posted a link to my post about the signs being displayed at the "tea parties" and the discussion at the forum then included some discussion about the pictures in my post. Cool.

I also felt the need to post the recommendation from a woman (who I met through a non-profit with which I was involved several years ago) to some of her friends about my blog:
I just discovered his blog, which contains nice, articulate demolitions of some of the more egregious prevarications of the right.

I love the sound of that...!

Oh, and sorry for the lack of postings lately. We have a new puppy at home, so patience is thin, time is of the essence, and sleep is ... um ... lacking.

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