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A Little Bit 'Bout My Favorite Subject: Me

Under construction. Maybe. Visit the website for my law firm, Wallack Somers & Haas, P.C.

A Little Bit 'Bout Another Favorite Subject: My Kids

Sorry. No time right now; they're trying to bash each other over the head again...

A Little Bit 'Bout My Wife's Favorite Subject (other than the kids): Her

Also under construction. Visit the website for her business, The Educational Advantage.

A Little Bit 'Bout My Kid's Favorite Subjects:

Candy... Hannah Montana... Cheerleading (just my daughter)... Candy... XBox & Playstation & Game Boy & PSP (my son demanded that I add that last one when he read this a few days ago)... Radio Disney... Candy... Dessert... Any cartoon with lots of fighting... Ben 10... Candy... Reading (yes, I actually said reading!)... Fighting with each other (if you've never seen 8-year old twins go after each other, you've really missed an entertaining sport; it puts American Gladiators to shame)... Candy... Candy... Did I mention that they like candy?

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