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I'm told that a good website offers a little information about the site's owner. Hmmm. Not sure about that. Anyway, here's my mini-biography (not to suggest that the "director's cut" would be much longer):

My name is Michael S. Wallack (the S. is for Seth). I was born and raised in a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana (Carmel, to be precise). I attended college at Northwestern University and law school at Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington. I am presently employed at the law firm of Wallack Somers & Haas in Indianapolis, with a practice focusing on commercial real estate and business litigation. I have previously stood for election to the Hamilton County (Indiana) Council; however, running as a Democrat in one of the most Republican counties in the country, I was neither surprised nor disappointed that my first foray into politics did not end with a victory celebration.

I am married (13+ years!) and have 7-year old twins (one of each, and no they're not identical). They are not quite Big Country fans yet, but they are certainly  learning to like "Daddy Music" (which, by the way, does not include Hannah Montana, Hillary Duff, or anything else on the airwaves of Radio Disney). Right now, my challenge is to try to add balance in the form of "good music" to offset the ... um ... er ... stuff that my kids are more prone to listen to.

When not listening to Big Country (or another CD from my slightly-too large collection), I am an avid reader (mostly thrillers with a little bit of fantasy and science fiction). My wife and I are also avid watchers of 24, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Lost (although I'm waaay behind on Lost right now; thankfully, I have a TiVo), Jericho, Heroes and a few other TV shows. We also like to see movies and go out to dinner. I am somewhat of an aspiring author and somebody hope to finish my novel. Much more on my other interests (including book and movie reviews can be found at the "parent" of this website: http://www.wallack.us

I never did manage to see Big Country live. I had tickets to see them in early 1984 when they played in Indianapolis, but for the one and only time ever, my parents prohibited me from going to a concert (it was on a school night and I had a test the next day). For our honeymoon, my wife and I went to London. We had our fingers crossed that Big Country might be performing while we were there; alas, it turns out that they were in Chicago (4 hours from home) while we were in London. I finally had a chance to see Stuart Adamson perform with Marcus Hummon (then under the name Blue Healer, although they solicited the audience for new names -- I suggested "Cross Country")) in 1998 in Nashville, Tennessee. I even had a chance to get my picture taken with Stuart (sadly, the photo did not turn out well because the flash didn't work) and had him autograph a copy of the liner notes for the "Through a Big Country" box set (often thought of as the rarest Big Country CD). Stuart's autograph can be seen on the Photo Gallery page.

Well, I guess that's my life in the proverbial nutshell. Now go download the Book of Lyrics and send me an e-mail to tell me what you think!

Oh, one more thing: Go buy Big Country CDs! (And, while your at it, buy anything from Bruce, Tony, Mark, and their respective other projects.) These guys made (and still make) great music and they deserve our support and money.

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