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While Big Country is clearly my favorite band, there are numerous other bands that I like quite a bit. Over time, I hope to use this page to give a little bit of information about the other bands that have captured and held my attention:

bulletSqueeze (including Chris Difford and Glenn Tillbrook)
bulletSqueezeFan.com (no longer updated, but an excellent resource)
bulletGlenn Tillbrook
bulletChris Difford
bulletNew Order (including Joy Division, Electronic, Revenge, Monaco, and the Other Two)
bulletNew Order Online
bulletJethro Tull (also Ian Anderson's solo work).
bulletJethro Tull - The Official Website
bulletToto (although much of their recent music has left me a bit cold).

The best new bands to come along in the last year or two:

bulletThe Bravery
bulletThe Killers
bulletShe Wants Revenge

There are many more artists that have worked their way into my CD collection. As time permits, I may update this page with more information other bands that work their way into my CD player.

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