Monday, September 29, 2008

Sarah Silverman and The Great Schlep

In the past, I've mentioned my worries that older voters, in particular older Jewish voters, were expressing (mostly) irrational concerns about Barack Obama. A new organization is calling for Jewish grandchildren to make a concerted effort to talk to their bubbies and zadies about Barack Obama so that Florida won't elect Sen. McCain in November. Take a look at this video from spokesperson Sarah Silverman:

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

My grandparents died in the last decade, but I can hear in my mind how discussions of this election would go (especially with my paternal grandfather who was a bit hard of hearing so any any discussions of substance got very loud, even when we weren't arguing...). I don't have the chance to try to convince them, but I am working to convince other older Jews in my extended family. I hope that others are doing the same.


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