Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Palin's Turkey Interview

I know that this has been posted all over the web, but for those who haven't seen it yet, I just couldn't resist. We've all seen our Presidents and Governors take time to "pardon" a lucky turkey each year before Thanksgiving (and what a great use of government time that is). It is one of those quaint little traditions that makes for a nice photo op. Well, last week, Gov. Palin pardoned a turkey in Alaska. Good for her. But it was what happened after she pardoned the turkey that is so ... I don't know ... it is hard to find the right word. Funny seems wrong but it was funny. Awkward? Disgusting? Well anyway, after pardoning the turkey, Gov. Palin went outside the turkey coop (is it a coop? house? hatchery?) to give an interview (and why has she been giving so many interviews now that the election is over?). The interviewer apparently asked her about the background (you'll see...) and Gov. Palin apparently responded "no worries" (that's Alaskan for hakuna matata) and the interview began.

So, without (much) further ado, here is Gov. Palin's interview. The video is from MSNBC. They have done us the favor of editing the video to make the images a bit more palatable (sorry for that pun). Below the first version of the video is the unedited version with bonus commentary from MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. If you can stand it, watch Keith's version; his narration is terrific.

Do you suppose, should Gov. Palin run for President in 2012, that this video might be shown again (and again and again and again)? Olbermann gets it just right in his summary of the video when, quoting someone else, says of Gov. Palin: "Not only is she the dumbest politician I've ever heard, but she doesn't even have a clue that she is the dumbest politician I've ever heard." You betcha!

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