Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Left Is Not Unhappy!

Over the last few weeks, numerous news organizations have run stories or articles suggesting that "the Left" is unhappy with some of President-elect Obama's choices for his cabinet and senior advisors. I certainly consider myself to be part of that big amorphous blob called "the Left". Am I absolutely thrilled with each and every choice that has been made? No. Might I, in a perfect world, have preferred someone else for some particular job? Maybe. But then I doubt that anybody has ever been absolutely thrilled with each and every choice that anyone has ever made about much of anything and I bet that we can all name someone else that we think would be better in a particular role.

The bigger question is not, whether I or "the Left" have issues with this selection or that selection, but rather, whether we generally approve of the broad spectrum of appointments and nominations that President-elect Obama has made. At least for myself, the answer is a unqualified "yes".

Shortly after the election I wrote that this election was a victory for thought and about my perception that President-elect Obama wanted to (and was able to) think deeply about the issues and that it was important that he surround himself with the best and the brightest people. As I analyze his nominations and appointments, I think that President-elect Obama has continued with that philosophy. With the breadth of talent, experience, and differing viewpoints that will be surrounding our next President, we can be confident that no good idea will be left unspoken for fear of ideological disdain or because a viewpoint was not welcomed to the discussion. And that will be good for our country.

So, speaking for this member of "the Left", I wish that the mainstream media would stop suggesting that we are unhappy with President-elect Obama's choices. We're not. Shut up.


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